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iPhone Repair Services

At Cell Phone City, our iPhone repair service center can repair most iPhone models in our store, the same day. We use top quality replacement parts and can special order parts for most iPhones if needed. If you need help with your iPhone today, give us a call. We will give you the details you need to get your iPhone repair completed the same day.


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iPhone Screen Repair in Fort Wayne

Call us for a quote at 260-755-2016

For pricing on iPhone repairs, please call us at 260 755-2016 or fill out the form below to receive a quote by email.

Need an iPhone screen repair in Fort Wayne?

iPhone repair in Fort Wayne is our specialty, Cell Phone City has been around the longest. We have the areas only iFixit Certified Master Repair Tech, which means we are the most knowledgeable repair store around. We strive to be the best when working on any model iPhone model and we always use the highest rated parts. We are able to match prices so you are guaranteed to pay the lowest price or a price equal to the lowest price when you come to us.

Fort Wayne iPhone repairs are actually our specialty. We can fix any phone but our technicians have extensive iPhone experience and we can’t wait to show you what we can do. Make sure you give us a call today for a free quote or make sure you fill out the form on this page so we can get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

After you get your free iPhone repair quote, we will be able to schedule an appointment so you can come in get your iPhone repaired the same day.

iPhone Services

Founded in Fort Wayne, Cell Phone City is the eldest iPhone repair service provider in the area. Cell Phone City is a locally owned family business, and our family is happy to serve the Fort Wayne community. Over the past several years, we have developed an expert approach to repair, that provides superior service and results, both to our customers and the devices we repair. The good rapport we have with the local community is a manifestation of our reputation in the industry.

At Cell Phone City our team is the most experienced iPhone repair experts in the area. The iPhone is just a couple years older than our company and we enjoy extending and bringing them back to life. We also have a good grasp of the iOS, or the software that controls your iPhone. As a result we can fix not only the physical components of your iPhone but the software as well, in some cases. We have therefore created local iPhone repair as the most specialized layer of knowledge at Cell Phone City.

Here are a few things you may want to know about our iPhone repair service and us.

Some of The iPhone services we offer

  • Screen repair and replacement
  • LCD and OLED Screen repair
  • iPhone Battery replacement
  • Water damage
  • Home button replacement
  • Earpiece and speakers repair and replacement
  • Camera repair or replacement
  • Physical Buttons replacement
  • Used and refurbished devices for sale
  • Problems with the iOS (software)
  • Back glass replacement – for iPhone 8 and 8 plus

How much will it cost?

This is always one of the first questions that our customers ask, when they bring their iPhone, cell phone or tablet to us for repair. Many times we are able to give a quick estimate and get your cell phone or tablet back to you fast, often, in less than an hour. In the case we can’t answer the cost question confidently right away, we can give you an estimate up front. If we later find out that the repairs exceed the estimate given, we will contact you to confirm you want to proceed with the new estimate, before we complete the required repairs. If we are not able to repair your cell phone, then there is no charge.

We always try to ensure that our price is as competitive as possible. We understand that you have already spent a lot on your iPhone and we want to extend the life of your device. Our goal is to help you get your device working again quickly and reliably.

Free diagnosis

We prefer to diagnose your phone first before embarking on the repair work. Through the diagnosis we are able to determine which parts of your iPhone have been damaged and the extent of the damage. It also ensures that our repair work is precise and does not affect the functional parts unnecessarily.

The entire diagnosis is free of charge. You can also call in for free consultation about your iPhone or any other smartphone.

Bring it or mail it

We recommend that you bring your iPhone to our store in Fort Wayne, in person, so that we can examine the device and explain every issue in detail. However, if you live a significant distance from our shop, in Northcrest Shopping Center, you can always mail the phone to us.

We will handle it as carefully as we would if you came in person and mail it back to you in good condition. Our team will remain in communication throughout the repair process.

All done in a day

The Cell Phone City technical team is very experienced in handling iPhones and other smartphones. With the experience, our efficiency has also grown. We are now able to process our customer’s phones promptly without compromising on the quality of our service. The majority of our iPhone repairs are done within an hour and never need to come back to for additional issues.

Quality service and parts

The iPhone is one of the most expensive smartphones available. We would therefore understand, if as a customer, you were concerned about our quality of service and the quality of the parts we use. However, at Cell Phone City, there is no reason to be concerned.

We have invested in top quality technology to help us repair your phone efficiently and reliably. We have also partnered with parts suppliers located in United States for the best quality aftermarket parts, which are dependable and long lasting. We do not use parts from other phones without your consent. We test our parts several times before you pick your phone up in order to reduce any problems. If at anytime after your repair you have any questions about the parts used, please bring your phone to Cell Phone City and we will do our best to make you happy.

What we guarantee

We know that iPhones are expensive. Your iPhone is the most important piece of technology you use on a daily basis and holds your most important information. As such we try to give you the best quality service Possible. Our #1 goal is to help people with their mobile devices, fast and reliably. Every iPhone repair, done at Cell Phone city, is covered by our full expert guarantee. If you have any questions, just bring it back to us and we will do our best to make it right.

If you are not happy with the quality of our service, we request you to contact us. We will try to make any possible correction to fit your device.

Cell Phone City handles all types of smartphones. However, our team has utmost expertise in repairing iPhones and other Apple devices – both software and physical aspects. Don’t let a little damage prevent you from enjoying the full potential of your iPhone. Bring it to Cell Phone City and we will restore it to its original quality and function at a friendly price.

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