5 Reasons Why OLED is the Wrong Choice for Cell Phone Screens

Cost- OLED screen manufacturing is much more expensive than LED screens. This causes not only the phone to be more expensive to purchase, but it also makes the most common repair the most expensive repair. A Galaxy Note 8 or iPhone X can easily cost $600 to replace the screen. If the screens were LED […]

How to know when you need an iPhone Battery Replacement

Does your phone die before it should? Yes, you can get your iPhone battery replaced. All iPhone batteries will eventually need to be replaced. There are a few ways to tell your iPhone battery is going bad. The most common symptom of a bad iPhone battery is when it starts to die before it should. […]

You Should Get Insurance on Your iPhone X

Don’t Drop It!!! The iPhone X is fragile! It seems the newest iPhone is not going to stand up to drops as well as past models have. SquareTrade is calling the iPhone X the most breakable, and most expensive to repair iPhone ever. You will want insurance on this device. The OLED Screen in the […]

iPhone X Gets 6 out of 10 Repairability Score

iFixit Gives it a 6 Out of 10 Repairability Score Apple has finally released the iPhone X. Now that some people have them in their hands we have some images and an official iFixit teardown. The iPhone X got a 6 out of 10 repairability score, which is okay for professionals, but not great for […]

Rice Doesn’t Fix Your iPhone: How to Really Fix It Instead

Do you Have Magic Rice? If you have “magical rice,” you may be in luck.  However, regular rice does not soak up water like a sponge. I know, it has worked for you in the past. Ok, Ok, but realistically if it works, after the iPhone was in the rice, it would have worked if […]

What Makes a Premium iPhone Screen Replacement?

It’s in The Layers… An iPhone screen is made up of several layers of glass, films, adhesives, flex cables, LED’s and more. In order to have a True OEM screen, every single one of those layers needs to be made from the original OEM material, supplied by the original manufacturer, and assembled by the original […]

What is the Digitizer on My iPhone Screen?

Simply put, the digitizer is your iPhone’s touchscreen. In more detail, the digitizer is a glass panel that converts your touch into signals that your iPhone uses to do what you want. The digitizer is not actually the glass that you touch; it is underneath the top (protective) layer of glass. That’s why, generally, when […]

Should I Be Worried about Malware on My Android Device?

This is a great question to ask. It is a common to get this question on the phone or in the store, so here is an article on malware for Android Devices. The answer is YES. You should be worried about the security of your device. These days we carry a lot of personal information […]