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Rice Doesn’t Fix Your iPhone: How to Really Fix It Instead

Do you Have Magic Rice?

If you have “magical rice,” you may be in luck.  However, regular rice does not soak up water like a sponge. I know, it has worked for you in the past. Ok, Ok, but realistically if it works, after the iPhone was in the rice, it would have worked if you set it on the counter for the same amount of time. In fact, just leaving the device sit and dry/corrode on its own is not your best option.

It Takes 24 Hours to Dry (If You Can Get it Open)

If you can’t get your phone to a professional, but you can get your iPhone open, it will dry much faster. After about 24 hours of being completely open,  if nothing seems to be damaged, you can try to power it on. If it comes on, stays on and everything seems to function, you can plug it in. If you are unlucky and the device is not working, do not just try to replace the battery and screen without having the device inspected for corrosion. If the device has corrosion, it may be able to be removed.

Disconnect the Battery

Most importantly the battery needs to be disconnected ASAP. Next, the device needs to be disassembled and inspected for corrosion. After that it goes through a process to remove the corrosion without damaging the sensitive components on the circuit board. Once the device is reassembled the other components (battery, screen, charging port, Wi-Fi, signal strength, sound, microphones etc., are tested to ensure functionality. We also like to let the phone sit overnight to ensure it stays on for several hours.

Cell Phone City’s Top 3 Water Damage Tips.

  1. Do not plug the phone in unless you are 100% sure it is dry.
  2. If you don’t open the phone it will take 5-7 days for your iPhone to dry.
  3. Don’t use rice. Get it to a professional, open it and let it dry faster, or let it sit for 5-7 days.

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