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iPhone 7 Audio IC Problem

Common speaker and microphone problems on the iPhone 7 and 7+

We all know at least one person that has had an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, and has lost the ability to use the microphone, speakerphone, record audio on videos or may never get past the apple logo on a restart. All these issues are a symptom of the audio ic chip on the circuit board of the iPhone 7 and 7+.

The Audio IC problem is very similar to the situation the iPhone 6 Plus has with the Touch Sensor IC chip, where that phone will lose the touch screen function intermittently and eventually permanently.  The iPhone 7 and 7+ Audio IC problems are most likely caused by the same manufacturing procedures that caused the iPhone 6+ Problems.

At Cell Phone City we have seen hundreds of people with these issues. Some of them were able to get their phones replaced by Apple. Most of those that are able to get replacements are either under the 1-year warranty or pay a fee to Apple for the replacement. From our experience, Apple customer-care, generally, “plays dumb” to the existence of the problem and/or blames it on user error.  We suggest you call Apple and do your best to get a replacement from them.  In our opinion, these issues are almost certainly a result of a manufacturing method that is not as good as it needs to be.

This kind of “IC” or circuit board related problems require a very skilled micro soldering professional to properly repair it, without causing damage to any other components on the delicate circuit boards in iPhones today.   We can send off your phone to one of the most skilled micro soldering professionals available, for repair. This process can take 1-2 weeks, but does guarantee a high a quality, warranted repair.

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