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The 4 Best Ways To Get Your iPhone Repaired

iPhone 6 repair

The 4 Best Ways To Get Your iPhone Repaired

If you’re a proud owner of an iPhone and have been for a while, then you probably have had at least one frustrating experience with your cell phone. Some examples could be; a broken iPhone screen, weak battery, faulty headphone jack, a bad touch screen, a charge port that is not charging, a black spot or lines on your screen, or even a water damaged device.

When this happens, you usually have 4 options to choose from for an iPhone Repair.

Firstly, you could go to an Apple store. Here you’ll know you are going to have an Apple employee go over it and follow their protocols for repair or replacement; however, you’re also going to be waiting several hours or days in many situations. The costs can be several hundreds of dollars or even more for this service.

You can also mail it to apple, but the turnaround time can be weeks. Apple says repairs at its stores can take up to five business days.

The second option, which is more cost-effective in many cases, is taking it to a local cell phone repair store.

The most difficult part, of this option,  is choosing a repair shop to take it to. Be sure to read the reviews and go with the place you feel most comfortable, and you should be okay.

You may notice when you search for cell phone repair on Google, you will not see any ads. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t let cell phone repair shops advertise. Some believe this is due to Google also being a cell phone manufacturer and others believe it is to protect consumers from bad businesses. Find out more about Google’s no ad policy for cell phone repair stores in this iFixit article about the policy change.

Currently, there are at least a couple high quality cell phone repair stores in most cities. Be careful, there will always be inexperienced people doing cheap repairs with little dependability. You can avoid those places by reading online reviews and calling the store ahead of time to become comfortable with the people and services they provide.

Cell Phone City Fort Wayne Store front

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The third option is to try and fix it your self (DIY). This option can be done, but will take more work than those videos on YouTube may show you. In many instances, people can damage the device worse than before, increasing the costs when you take it to a professional. If you want to give it a try here a few steps to follow.

  1. Use ifixit.com as your parts supplier. Amazon and eBay are full of untested, low quality parts and I would not suggest buying your parts from places like that.
  2. Use ifixit.com for a repair manual or a repair video. They should provide plenty of information for you to complete that repair without problem.
  3. Test your device during the repair process to ensure things are still working properly.
  4. If all else fails, take it to a repair store and ask them to finish the process for you.
iPhone 6 repair

The fourth and final option is all the cell phone manufacturers and wireless retailers favorite alternative. Buy a new cell phone or device.

This may not be the best option for your. In most cases, if you just need a new screen, battery or charge port. It may be a better option, to fix your phone, instead of throwing out a repairable phone and it ending up in a landfill somewhere.

Cell Phone City iPhone Repair

Either way that you choose, I hope you get your phone fixed by a dependable cell phone repair store, near you, in a timely manner and at a reasonable price.

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